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Hi Lesley,

I had a similar surgery two months ago. During the difficult days, I grieved, prayed, and leaned on my friends. The good part is that I am doing much better than expected. Today I am able to walk without crutches and I expect to be teaching when classes begin in two weeks.

What helped me was staying still and elevating the leg and just doing toe and calf stretches for about a week. Then, I saw a PT who told me that my injured leg would respond to what I did with my well leg and the rest of my body. I did all I could with my well leg including stretch bands, leg slides with weights, and walking with a walker or crutches. Also, I did daily workouts with upper-body light weights, weighted sit-ups, and glute and quad squeezes. The squeezes are a constant exercise like the calf-stretches that help you maintain muscle even when you can’t use the leg.

I hope you heal well soon.