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Hi Michelle,
My tpf was also caused by my young staffie who ran full pelt into my left leg July 9th. I went to A & E where they told me I had torn ligaments. I was sent home with the wrong support and it took 2 more visits to the local hospital to establish I had a tpf. A ct scan confirmed it. I had surgery 2 weeks and 2 days after the accident. I was told it went well. I have to wear a leg brace and am nwb for another 4 weeks – 6 in total. I will be x rayed again 4/9 and then I will be pwb for approx 6 weeks. I have aframe and crutches.
I am now confined to downstairs where my sons have set up a bed. I have very good support but it is easy to get fed up being immobile. I hop about and do things as much as I can to keep active. I did not initially realise the severity of this injury but this forum has kept me very informed and I am determined to be positive about things.
I am a high school teacher and do not anticipate returning to work till November at the earliest. I want to be fighting fit and have good movement. I will be pressing hard for physio at my next hospital appt.
Good luck to you. Ask as many pertinent questions as you can. This forum is great for suggestions.
I hope it all goes well. Keep posting .