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Aw jeez, sorry to hear that about the CT machine not working. There’s not another hospital or ortho clinic nearby they could send you to? It’s so frustrating about the cast, though. Last week, and thanks to YouTube, I discovered just how easy it is to take off the fibreglass cast yourself. All you have to do is tug the strips hard and unravel, and then cut the cotton padding.

For the knee pain, it sounds like it’s a “trigger” type of pain where you feel it because something moved the way it’s not supposed to and your body’s telling you to leave it alone. *What’s* causing it can mean so many different things, but rest and protection are the two big ones to keep the pain at bay. My family doctor’s nurse practitioner recommended Tylenol Arthritis (2 x 650mg tablets three times a day) as a way of combatting pain, and she said to not wait until there is pain, but to take it regularly and prophylactically.