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Hi Michelle,
I walked around for nearly 2 weeks before my surgery. I was reassured I had not caused any other damage. I had a graft, a plate and screws like a lot of others on this forum. People don’t believe me when I say the dog did the damage! Stay off the leg as much as you can before you get the results of the scan. I was able to do that before I knew what had really happened and I think that helped me. Now I am living downstairs and I am looking forward to having a lovely hot shower!
I am mostly here on my own in the day but my son (22) comes home at lunchtime to check on me and he is home at 4. I can do limited hopping with my walker and I have managed to do the ironing sitting on a chair.
My son walks the dog and feeds him etc but he keeps me company during the day. He has been very good around me even though he is still very young and pretty solid. Accept all the help you can and try to stay positive.