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I read this thread and thought I would add my 2 cents. My tpf was caused by a neighbor’s Pitbull running full tilt into my leg while I was out walking my dog. I, too, work at a high school, and lost the last 2 weeks of work and am currently waiting to hear if I will get to return for the opening day in Sept. My injury happened May 21st and I had to wait 6 days in an immobilizer for surgery. I have a steel plate, 6 screws and cadaver tissue. I was released with just an ace wrap and some crutches. I was told I would be NWB for 12 weeks…an eternity!!! I am not a tv watcher and being an independent, busy person, sitting around the house has been maddening!!! I have read books on my kindle, played on my iPad, and found ways to do simple chores. I could do dishes from my wheelchair. I learned to make my bed…by laying in it, I could make the opposite side and then roll out of my side, stand with my walker and work on my side of the bed. I discovered that all the people that said they would come visit had great intentions but lousy follow through…lol My husband works during the day so most days I spent alone. My oldest daughter would come visit when possible but she has kids and of course couldn’t come daily, my other daughter works daily. Not being good with crutches and steps, I did managge to get good at going out my sliding glass door and so I would sit out on my deck and read in the sun. That helped my mood and provided me some new scenery!!! I have played a lot of Words with Friends, Dice with Buddies, 2048, and games like that.
I just got the OK to start bearing weight and it has opened a new world!! I start therapy on Friday and maybe I will drive in a couple weeks!! Hang in there ladies…there really is a light at the end of the tunnel and it isn’t a train!!!!