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Oh hell, questions, lemme tell you…

1. Will the malalignment put undue stress on the meniscus through both normal activity and heavier wear-and-tear?
2. Will my bones heal into an optimal position such that the articular surface will be smooth? If so, how long will that be the case?
3. Can we do MRIs to ascertain the damage to the meniscus (really crucial one here), ACL and MCL?
4. What are the chances of re-injuring the tibial plateau in the future?
5. What are the numbers when it comes to developing osteoarthritis earlier than normal? What will delay it? What will hasten it?
6. Am I a candidate for regenerative cartilage (this is expensive, around $30k, but worth it if necessary)?
7. Is the fracture in any danger of slipping? If so, will an immobilizer be a better option than a cast?
8. How soon can I start working on ROM, and what are the physical signs and symptoms I *absolutely* should not ignore? i.e. if there’s pain, how much pain is a safe amount?
9. What other options do I have besides casting or a knee immobilizer in terms of healing the area?
10. Are there any physio exercises that will harm my inner hip joint? (side note: my inner hip joint has been messed up to some unknown degree, and causes me inner thigh/groin pain that wakes me up)
11. What kinds of surgical options will provide the best short-term outcome? What about long-term outcome? Is there one that makes best efficiency of both?
12. Is surgery even the best option for both the short- and long-term prognosis?
13. How long will it take for circulation to my foot and leg to return to normal?
14. How long will I have to work with a PT on regaining ROM before MUA (manipulation under anesthesia) is needed?
15. How much wiggle room is there if I accidentally put full weight on my foot before it’s time? Is no pain, if this happens, a sign that things are okay, or can I still do damage?

By the way, I find that the more medical lingo you use, the more straight up your doc will be with you. My OS, the first time, tried to explain a depression to me as “the bone squishing down into the other bone”. *rolls eyes*