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Eileen, I know what you mean…I have experienced ALL the emotions. The first couple weeks, I had a lot of anger…mostly at the dog owners that didn’t keep their dog contained as they should have. A simple walk to get some exercise ended up ruining my summer completely! My husband and I were about set to book a trip to Jamaica for the day after school got out and thankfully, we hadn’t done it yet as obviously, that would have made me even more furious. I would get angry that every small task took even more steps to complete and then the people who meant well when they said things like, “Well, it’s not like you have anything else to do all day, so what if it takes you longer…” I also was very thankful, it could have been SOOOOO much worse. That Pitbull could have eaten off my face while I was laying in the road, could have attacked my dog as well, I could have been walking my granddaughters and they could have been hurt, the list is endless. I am thankful that I had strong, muscular legs prior to this and that will make my rehab easier.
Christina, I have pushed myself hard as well. I followed the doctor’s orders to the letter because I didn’t want to do ANYTHING that might lengthen my recovery, but I made sure all my prescribed exercises were done perfectly daily, I didn’t just sit on my butt watching tv. I have helped around the house in whatever capacity I could even if it meant I had to struggle some. My husband works 2 jobs and then had to do all the household stuff and take care of me so the sooner I could do things here, the better I would feel. I am still on crutches for stability but doing those 3 loads of laundry and being able to get down the steps into my laundry room and put it all away after was a great feeling yesterday!! It will come!! I know that feeling about wanting to just be able to get up and go to the bathroom without thought! I feel that way about the shower too. I am still using a shower chair but that won’t be for much longer!!! Hang in there!!!