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Thanks Jackie,
I have taken heart from your post this evening. I too do the bed thing. I am having to sleep in my lounge as I cannot get upstairs to my proper bed or my shower room. I wash in a bowl in the kitchen sink and yesterday I managed to stick my head under the tap and wash my own hair. I don’t have a wheelchair but I do have a walking frame to cling onto. It is a struggle but I am making myself do things like prepare dinner and washing up – not easy as you know standing on one leg! My friends have phoned and visited and I have 3 great sons especially my youngest who lives with me. I won’t be starting the new school term in September as I will still be nwb. Then I have been told I will be pwb for another 6 weeks. I am pushing for physio at my next hospital appt. had a bit of a low morning this morning but I have chilled out now.
My own dog caused my injury. He is a staffie cross and a pretty hefty boy. He has kept me company since the accident on July 9th. I am so looking forward to walking him again. He seems to know I have a bad leg.
I did miss my holiday in Ibiza and I had been so looking forward to it as I lost my husband last year. This tpf has really been the culmination of a very bad year for me but I refuse to be beaten.
Good luck in your final leg of your recovery – no pun intended of course.
Lesley (UK)