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My sister, who battled breast cancer, and eventually lost her battle at 49 used to say, “It’s ok to throw your own pity party, as long as you don’t stay too long.” She made a lot of sense!!! Everyone is allowed to be down sometimes it is when you wallow in that it becomes detrimental to your own healing. So, allow yourself those moments in time then pick yourself up, dust yourself off and know things could be so much worse!!! You have 3 wonderful sons and students that are waiting for you to get better!!!
I am so thankful that my tiny house is only one floor with a basement, and 2 steps down into a breezeway/laundry room. So, my bathroom is easily accessible. Our local pharmacy loans out medical equipment for situations like mine. So, they loaned me a wheelchair and a shower chair. A friend loaned me a walker. Today, my husband retuned the walker and the wheelchair. Those were both godsends to me.I am still using the shower chair but not for much longer. I know all about washing up at the sink and washing your hair in the sink. It sucks!! I used a bar stool in the bathroom to sit on while I styled my hair, did my make up and brushed my teeth, that helped a lot. Also, I tied a cheap nail apron purchased at the local hardware store to my walker so that I could carry small items (cell phone, bottle of water, pen and paper, baggie of snacks, etc.) and have my hands free to use the walker. That might be helpful for you. A cinch sac bag for your back might be helpful too.
Dogs sense what you need. My dog stayed tight to my side for the first few weeks. He just now lets me go by myself to the bathroom! lol He knew to avoid my leg too…it is odd how they just know!! My dog is a miniature dachshund, much different than the Pitbull that attacked me!!!
I am so sorry that you have had such a rough year. It just doesn’t seem right. Any one of those things is enough all by itself…let alone having them all happen to you in one year!!! Keeping your positive attitude will help with your healing!!!! I am so very sorry!!
Do you have facebook?