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I feel your pain, Fred. If you feel surgery’s the best option, then I’d pursue that. I wish I had said yes to surgery when it was first on the table, because I think I would have been on my feet sooner and in better shape for the long-term. I’m extremely lucky, though, both living in Canada and being covered by auto insurance during the accident.

With your specialist’s appointment, is there any way you can call them and say you’re on standby for a cancellation? I mean, if you’re at home and not doing anything, just let them know that and that you can come in at the drop of a hat. You have to push a bit for these things if you want the results.

With your age, I think of myself as well. I’m 28, play shinny during the winter, go on vacations where I hike, skydive, snorkel, and live all-out, ride my bicycle and scooter, and want to get back to peak shape. A TPF just does not fit in with my lifestyle.

As for physio, if you’re that worried about running out of your sessions, you can always look up TPF physio exercises on YouTube and perform them in front of a mirror. It’s not ideal, but it’s free, and you can do it entirely at your own schedule.