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Hi Michelle – The day after my climbing accident, I had a CT scan and an evaluation by my OPS, and found that no surgery was needed. They fitted me with a flexible brace that secured my thigh and calf, to minimize rotation; when my brace was first fitted, it was set for 30 degrees of flexion and 0 degrees of extension. I found that I could actually reach about 20 degrees in the first week, and by the 3rd week, almost 60 degrees.

At week three, I found I could get to 80 degrees and they changed the setting to infinite (No stops) on the brace. I’m doing flexion 5 times per day (keeping my heel on a flat surface, and raising my knee with my hand) and I’m finding that it’s getting better and better.

Hang in there – hopefully, you’ll find that your flexing improves as well.

Happy Healing – LISA