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Hi Jackie,
Thanks for the encouraging words. I have to admit, I had a good sob when I read them and felt very sorry for myself. It was very hard losing my husband as we had been together for almost 35 years- all my adult working life. We had been through so much together and I miss him every day. I can’t even visit his grave at the moment. I keep imagining what he would say about all this. Hearing his voice in my head actually makes me laugh!
So now I am sitting here about to tackle a pile of ironing. Nothing like keeping as busy as possible to pass the time. I have friends coming to visit next week and a carpenter coming to build a mini ramp at the back door so I can sit in the garden in between the rain! Things are looking up.
I have had some pain around my knee for the past couple of days but it is much improved today. NWB for another 3 weeks and then PWB for another 6 – whatever that means. I don’t know what PWB entails yet but I will find out 4th September when I return to the fracture clinic for my next x ray.
Hope you’ re doing okay today. I don’t have Facebook at the moment but thinking about setting up an account.
Warm regards,