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Sometimes a good sob is in order. You have been through a LOT!!!!! You are entitled!!! PWB will improve your mood!! You should be on crutches and putting some weight on which makes it much easier to get around. My doctor told me that I was PWB but didn’t give me a percent or when to increase….sooooo, I am doing as tolerated. I use the curtches for stability mostly. So, sometimes, I only use one crutch and if I am in the kitchen doing something, I will go no crutches. My physical therapist says that is fine for short distances. I am working on exercises to get my leg muscles back to support myself on that side again..11 weeks of non use is a lot to overcome!!!
I can’t imagine losing my husband…we have been married for 30 years and dated/engaged for 3-4 before that…he has been so much help taking care of me. I am sure it would be so hard to go to your husband’s grave. I remember watching my Mom struggle when my Dad was killed. They had been married nearly 30 years and if there was such a thing as a “perfect” marriage, they had it! I always looked to them to pattern mine after. My Mom was so lost!! My heart broke for her. I was still living at home as I was still in high school. I watched all the stages she went through. My heart goes out to you!!! If you ever need to vent and don’t want to do it in open forum, you can email me…my address is: [email protected] Please, feel free to use it!!!

Big difference for me between NWB and PWB in my day described below:

NWB day-sit on couch and play on iPad…shower sitting on chair, get light snack for myself and carry to living room in baggies, Use walker to move about. Get tired washing dishes. Watch hubby do laundry, use walker to get to bedroom to help fold it, sit on bed because one leg got tired.

PWB day–Showered without a chair! Carried laundry basket to the breezeway, went down the 2 steps, did the laundry. Cooking chicken to make homemade pot pie, vacuumed my house after cleaning out the dirt cup, washed dishes, rest a little and will make the pot pies next.

Hope that gives you an idea!!!!