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Time for an update!
Despite 3 weekly hydro therapy sessions and one regular physio session, I still can’t walk normally with a bent knee. In water and during/just after a session I can walk well, but 10-15 minutes later my knee is stiff again. So I then continue with a stiff leg, limping, which of course overburdens my right knee and hip and lower back.
I still use my brace daily. If I leave it off, the pain increases as the day progresses.
When I have to walk 100 metres, I need my crutch.
I have not had one painfree day since 3rd December, date of my accident.
A few positives notes though:
In the low and hot pool, I can sit on my knees (not heels) up to 15 counts by now. Don’t try this outside the pool yet.
I can walk 5-6 stairs normally, with 1 crutch and pulling myself up on the railing.
For errands I prefer cycling over walking, for I can do this painfree and faster. As my weight is evenly distributed on the saddle, I feel pretty comfortable. Going uphill is impossible yet, for I lack strength in my left knee.
The hydro therapy exercises are also beneficial for my back.
I still continue with my supplements: omega 3, glucosamin and chondroitin, vitamine D and calcium.

I have to see my OS 1st December, shortly before the hardware is to be removed.
Hope the 3 surgeons I consulted are honest when saying I will be able to walk normally once the pin is removed.
For living my life right now takes so much trouble and is a daily frustration. I became slow, can’t sit on my knees, have to take regular breaks when doing the household or gardening.
I cannot imagine I would have to continue living like that the rest of my life!
That I will never be able to run or jump again is already bad enough.

I am lucky to have a very good family doctor, who takes standard 30 minutes for every patient, longer is required. The first months he did several housecalls, as I was unable to go to his surgery. He coordinates my care and listens to my story, while OS don’t have time to give you essential information.

I was desperate for a holiday, but had to cancel my plans. For what am I to do on a holiday when having daily pain and not being able to walk 100 metres without strain?

As I was so depressed and did not want to see yet another therapist (some weeks I had up to 7-8 appointments for my knee: doctors, ct-scan, bone-scan, physio, shiatsu massage, lawyer) I tried out Bach Flower Remedies. I bought Star of Bethlehem and Sweet Chesnut, and to my amazement the drops work! I am feeling better.

I am Lucky I have a good and supportive lawyer who will defend my case at the Police Court in September. I am still very angry at the woman who ran me over and ruined my life, especially that she never contacted me after the accident. She only stopped 50 metres past where I was laying, probably because other road users alerted her. That she left me like a ranover garbage can, proves she lacks respect and empathy.
Therefore I will request the Judge: to force her to have her eyes checked; to attend some lessons to update her driving skills and to do some volunteerwork at a hospital revalidation centre so she is confronted with the suffering of victims of traffic accidents.
For her life is business as usual, my life will never be the same and I will be restricted in many ways. It is so unfair.

You seem to have become quite an expert in tibia plateaufractures. I avoid watching the bloody operation images, for I am very afraid for the removal of the hardware.
I have a copy of all images and medical reports. Every patient is entitled to have that information. In Belgium patients rights (like consumer rights) are well established.

Wishing you all lots of courage in this difficult road to recovery.