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Hi Eileen,
Just wanted to thank you for your support. I am nearly 4 weeks out of surgery and being very sensible about resting up. I know it will be a long haul and we are all different but if you are like this after 9 weeks, then I feel very hopeful. It is difficult being on my own now although my sons have all been very helpful and I have a best friend who is always on the end of the phone. I am still grieving. It is 14 months since my husband died but I still have days where I still can’t quite believe he has gone. He was only 58 and that seems so unfair. Strangely , my TPF has given me time to do a lot of thinking – something I did not really want to do but I’ve had to stop and take stock of my life. I M not in too much pain now but my knee still feels very swollen inside the leg brace. If I sit at the PC for too long, it feels very stiff but is relieved if I sit with it up and outstretched. Did you experience anything similar in the first weeks after surgery?
Best wishes to you for your continued recovery.