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marion gibbins

my physio told me 20 mins of ice in one area no more and then 2 hours of no ice,out the ice in a flexible plastic container ,can be bought on line and then in a gauze stocking ,never directly on the area as you will get frostbite !I am very “lucky” that I live 8 klm from one of the top physio centers in France !So have wonderful care from a team of physios that treat international sports men and women ,not that the food is top.At the moment I am coming in for 5 afternoons a week as an out patient after spending 12 wks there as a full time patient .The pool is an essential part and really helps also if possible walking in the sea ,if youare brave enough with Brittany sea temperatures.I have to admit I haven’t tried yet .I think this is a wonderful site ,depressing to be on it but full of hope also