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I am reading through the posts here and I have noticed quite a difference in the approach to the treatment of tpf from the US and other countries. I could be way off here, it could be more about the injury than the medical field…but I see so many on here that have been braced in a hinged device that bends for them. I left the hospital after surgery with only an elastic wrap to cover the wound for a couple days and then that was gone and I was working on bending exercises the day after I came home. By 3 weeks post surgery, I was bending 90 degrees on my own and could straighten it as well. I am so thankful that I didn’t have to wear a brace. I have done all my own therapy at home until now that I am PWB…I say that I am PWB, but truly at 10 weeks, he turned me loose to be PWB but basically said use the crutches for stability. I am doing Physical Therapy 3 times a week for a month to regain the muscle I lost in that leg from non use for 11 weeks. I have been to 2 appointments so far and at this point, I can walk around inside my house without any crutches for the most part.
Those of you that have been braced for recovery, how has your recovery compared? I am just curious…