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Good evening all – so glad to have found this site. I am 2 weeks post op, (tpf with displacement and 6mm depression. I am now the owner of a shinny new plate, 6 screws, grafting and a newly repaired meniscus. Now here is the crazy part – I did the same injury to my other knee 10 years ago. Yes, this is my second time at this rodeo (no pun intended, as both injuries are the result of bad tumbles off a horse). One would think I learned my lesson the first time – apparently I am a very slow learner. I am trying to remain calm about this, as I know first hand that this is a very long recovery. Big problem – fear that my healed knee will start becoming problematic under the stress of handling the full work load while my newly injured knee heals. Anyone have any tips on keeping the healed knee healthy through this (and keeping from going bat-arse crazy from worrying about it)?