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Fred, don’t get discouraged. I was at 60 like I posted before for weeks. My OS wanted to take me back to surgery a third time to do manual manipulation and I begged him to just give me two more weeks and that’s when I began rocking in the wheelchair and rocker. I would massage the underside of the knee and the sides along with leg raises. I have a bicondylar tibia plateau fracture. The first surgery was external fixation on 6/21/14 and followed ten days later with two plates and eleven screws. I would ice my knee front and back with homemade ice packs (two cups water and one cup rubbing alcohol). They don’t freeze totally so you can wrap them around the knee…helps with the swelling. Still not weight bearing but hoping in the next few weeks. My OS scared me by telling me I would be lame if I couldn’t get the ROM back so I worked through the pain and now that I can bend my knee I can ride in the car like a normal person.