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Jay Jay

Hey Lindsay, don’t feel discourage, you have to remember many of us have different TPF’s and different categories, so people recover differently. It is unfortunately for that I got a late start. The previous physical therapy place did not do well for me. No fault of anyone, I thought this place was really good. A recommendation of a fellow cyclist. I should have listen to my OS is in the first place and go with his recommendation for PT places. Since changing and going with his recommendation, I have progressing very well. I am doing things I could not do before with the previous PT place.

If you have an opportunity, continue to do knee slides. You will get there. I was worried at the new pt place that I was not going to get past 94, becuase I was not doing any knee bend exercises. I am glad I was not doing them at PT, instead, he put me on the recumbent bike and not I am past a 105 in two weeks.

Hang in there. Say if you have facebook, I found this really great support group for TPF. It is called, Tibia Platuea Recovery. You can ask questions, and the people will help answer your questions. They are an awesome group!

Wish you the best in recovery.