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Hi Christina – Hope this helps – Fell off a mountain (rockfall), and injured -I have a tibia spine avulsion fracture, also, no surgery. I was injured on 7/13/2014 and was told to remove my brace (hinged DONJOY brace) at 6 weeks.

Week 6: I removed my brace, and started walking on two crutches, trying to put 25% on my injured knee.
Week 7: I am walking on one crutch, and putting 75% on my injured knee. My right knee is the injured one; I was told to use the left crutch.
PT started week 6: I am doing the following: 30x leg lifts 3x/day,,, 30x quad muscle tightening, 30x, 3x/day, constant ROM to get past 90 degrees…. and ice 5x/day

So far, so good – I can actually walk without crutches and am improving rapidly.

Best of Health, Christina – you have been so helpful to others on this site.