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Hi guys…punched my TPF Fracture card on 6/25. Medial side, one clean fracture from the front top middle of the bone, diagonal to the back of the leg. Leg had to be realigned.

Supposed to be NWB for 11 weeks until I see the Doc.

I have full ROM, but some drop leg when I try to bend my knee while standing. Should improve with strength training and conditioning.

I’m 10 weeks post op. I have no pain, some weird shooting pains sometimes but they go away quickly. I can sleep on my side, have been off pain pills since week 6. Ditched the brace while at home a couple of weeks ago.

I have assumed nerve damage and numbness from the mid knee cap to the mid of my tibia bone (lower leg). Not sure if that is easing my pain. They would not give me a nerve block in surgery.

I accidentally took 2 steps at week 6 but held up. Took a casual drive yesterday with some minimal braking, no issues but I’m not pushing it.

Very anxious for my visit with the Dr. who I haven’t seen yet. Surgeon who did my surgery was off my case after that day in the ER, I think he did a great job so far. 6 screws and a plate on the medial side.

I toe touch around the house for balance but no weight bearing, test my leg just resting on the ground at the dinner table.

Docs were very surprised at my ROM in the hospital and how quickly I was flying around on crutches 2 days after surgery.

I’m 30, and in moderate shape, maybe 5-10 lbs over my ideal weight now after all of this inactivity.

Was interesting to read people’s issues with going from NWB to WB. I will report back on how I feel. I’m sure it will hurt but I am a quick healer and have a high pain tolerance. Any insight there would be appreciated.

Cheers guys! Keep your heads up, life sucks, this sucks, but I know I will get through it and adapt to however my body needs to work go forward. Going to miss running, skiing, etc. but oh well. At least I am alive.