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Hello Brian,

Like Eileen I am happy with your positive story!

My tibial fracture was Schatzen II, a displaced and depression fracture.
I have also seen 3 doctors, but they don’t seem to mind that I have daily pain. I have my sheet of paper with questions and remarks at every appointment. All I get are vague answers and that “things will never be the same as before”. And they absolutely refuse to go into the emotional upheaval caused by the accident. On top of the physical and emotional pain, I also have to deal with an overwhelming amount of paperwork for the insurance company and the upcoming lawsuit.
The only person who fully supports me is my lawyer. Wish my doctors had the attitude of my lawyer!

I badly want to sit on my knees and heels again. Running a bit would be fine too.
But like Eileen, I’m afraid of doing something wrong that might be harmful to my recovery.
I don’t know what kind of pain I should endure to progress and what pain to avoid so as not to undermine my recovery.

You probably recovered quicker and better because you are not in your fifties.
I am 58 and was in excellent shape and health until the day before the accident.
All my life, everyone has been telling me I look 10 years younger.
Since my accident I aged a lot, mentally and physicaly. I lost my “joie de vivre”, my lust for life.

I also wonder, do you run with or without hardware?

Thanks again for your story.