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Hi Veronique,
I just wanted to say please don’t give up. You sound so sad in your posts and you are angry and that is very understandable. It sounds as if your recovery is taking a long time. I am almost 7 weeks out of surgery and have just started partial weight bearing. I have bone grafts, a plate and screws and if I try to bend my knee it hurts like mad. I am waiting to get some physio but that is rather slow in coming in the UK as it depends on where you live in the country. My tpf was caused by my dog who ran into me at speed – not an uncommon thing from what I have read on this site. I am the same age as you so I am not hopeful that mine will be a quick recovery either and I was neither fit nor very healthy before this happened. To compound things, I lost my husband last year so I am still grieving for him and I so, so wish he was here to keep me going. I have had very dark moments too but reading the posts on this site has helped me enormously. I just like the idea that lots of other people really do understand what I am going through. I just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you even though we do not know each other. You sound as if you need a big hug but this is the best I can do. Don’t give up. You will get there. I am sure there will be lots of us who wish you well. Take care on your road to recovery.
Lesley (UK)