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Thanks LisaB,
A very encouraging post. I am a little behind you at 7 weeks post surgery with grafts, a plate and screws. I have just started PWB but I am still in my leg brace till next week and I have to use my walker for support. I am consciously walking heel toe to let my brain know this is how it is done. I am waiting for physio and becoming impatient as I feel this is the key to my recovery as I do not yet have a good ROM and my knee is very stiff. It is quite hard to reach the ground with my injured leg without the weight of the leg brace. I am interested in your use of the exercise bike as I do have one at home but I do not want to overdo it without some expert advice. Has that helped a lot with ROM? I am also heartened by you climbing the stairs as I have had to live downstairs for the past 2 months and I can’t wait for my own bed and a lovely hot shower! That’s my goal over the next 2 to 3 weeks – to go upstairs. Very best wishes to you and keep posting positive outcomes as they are seriously motivating for people like me.
Health and happiness in your recovery.
Lesley ( UK )