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Thanks for your encouraging words Lesley!

Yes I am indeed still sad and angry with the woman who ruined my life and robbed me of my most precious possession: my health.
I have been investing so much time, energy and money in my recovery and I still can’t walk normally and have not had one pain free day since 3rd December.
Luckily the thousands of euros spent, will be completely refunded by the Flemish Social Security and the insurance company of the other party.

I read in one of your postings that your husband died last year. It must be tough revalidating and grieving at the same time.

I have had a very tough time since 2010 and the accident was the proverbial drop that overflowed the bucket.
As a single I have no partner to lean onto and have a lot on my plate.
My 92 year old mom is disabled due to a failed hip prosthesis in 2000 and is in a wheelchair since 2010.
Since 2010 I have been living in 2 places, caring for mom, running 2 households, maintaining 2 houses and 2 gardens and doing a stressful part-time job.
Mom needs help for every transfer (bed, electric couch, wheelchair, …), but luckily is mentally 100% fit and has a positive attitude.
There was/is family help 2 mornings a week and at-home nursing every afternoon.
I only had 1 free night a week in my house, when my sis spent the night at mom’s. Seldom had a weekend or a full day off since 2010.
Organizing an annual 2 week holiday for myself, required immense preparation and finding someone to sleep-in for a fortnight.
To keep everything under control, I was constantly running against time and I hardly had me-time.
Luckily I slept well and my weekly yoga class also kept me going.
Nobody understood how I could handle all that, but I could. Thanks to a good health!
My only problem was too much stress, but I quoted my health 9/10.

Now my good health is gone and life became a burden. So you can understand how upset I am.
I was so stressed and worried the day of my accident when I had to organize urgent 24 hour care for mom from my hospital bed.
Once out of hospital I moved in with mom, since I had to be NWB for 8 weeks and it was the most practical solution.
I now had to organize help for both of us as I had to stay in bed for so long.
Every day for 3 months we had 3-5 professionals (family help, nurse, physiotherapist) and except for 3 days, we had daily visitors during 1 month.
It was heartwarming so many family, friends and neighbours dropped by to express their sympathy, but there was not much peace and quiet around the house.
December-January was the toughest period: I was often exhausted from the pain and from all the people coming and going.
Furthermore I had to deal with the huge administrative hassle following an accident. Just 3 of the many issues.
I had to fight with my insurance company who initially claimed I was not covered!! Contacted a lawyer who studied the contract and said it was crystal clear I was covered.
I had to phone the police 4 times before they finally showed up after 21 days to take down my statement.
I spent tens and tens of hours just dealing with the paperwork for the insurance company and the upcoming lawsuit.
From the stress and the pain my weight went down from 52 to 49 kgs. So lifting mom– who weights about 68 kgs – several times a day, is tough and painful for my right hip.
I so longed for a holiday, but could not go due to the pain and the fact that I could not be without physiotherapy.
Having to go through the winter without having had a holiday (we had a lousy Belgian summer), having another surgery in December, revalidating, organizing once more extra help for that period, … is trying.

It is hard caring for someone else when you are not well yourself.
I sometimes am so tired from keeping myself motivated in the revalidating process while still juggling my daily life.
Occasionally I have help from friends and neighbours, but unfortunately they too struggle in the daily ratrace. So I only rarely ask anything.
I also have several foreign friends with who I stay in touch by mail.
Since March-April I again do my ususal chores, but since I can’t sit on my knees and walk well, everything takes much time, effort and pain.

One positive note: I am still in sick leave until the end of September and in October I stop working!
Can afford financially to leave earlier. Will receive a small replacement income until my pension starts in 2016.
So I am relieved I never have to deal again with the daily traffic jams and the stress at work!
But I regret I could not end my career in beauty due to the accident.

Finding this website and reading the posts indeed helps, for I know I am not alone delaing with this awfull type of fracture. This is by the way the first time ever I am active on a community site. Thanks for the hug!