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Dear Veronique,
I could feel the pain in your words. You are a truly remarkable lady to manage all that you have done so far for yourself and for your mum. I have been lucky to have my youngest son at home as he has looked after me quite well even though he grumbles at times. I have no idea when I will be walking again. I read this site regularly for information. I start physio next week when I will be approximately 8 weeks post surgery. I don’t have very good ROM at the moment and I am still in a leg brace. Like you, I am thinking of retiring earlier than planned. I am almost 58 and don’t want to go back to full time teaching. Being immobile has given me time to think about my future and my goal is to recover and get fit and healthy. I wish I could do more than just send a virtual hug but my best wishes are with you.
Take care,