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Welcome…my fall was during a shopping trip, never knew stores were so dangerous. My OS is the kind of guy that just throws you out there told me after 10 weeks said three rules 1. Safety 2. Use the walker and 3. Don’t overdue. No PT until I see him in four weeks. I am a couple of years older (63) have a badly arithic left knee that has barely supported me thru this ordeal. I can relate to walking any distances. I too have watched everything there is watch, can’t focus to read, think I fried my brain on pain meds.

I would try to hold off work because once you go back you are back. I am sure most companies would not want something further to happen to you on their watch.

I have found that since June 20′ 2014 I have become a different person, less confident, fearful, etc. I can that this injury just keeps on giving. Every time you take steps forward something happens and pushes you back one step.

Good luck in your recovery