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I got my tpf after being assaulted outside our local Tesco store on 04/09/14. Operation on 05/09/14. Had my first PT session 15/09/14. The physiotherapist showed me my X-Ray and I have a plate either side of my tibia and I lost count at 20 screws! I’ll be having my first fracture review on 22/09/14 and will get more info then on the operation. My biggest battle at the minute is depression. I’m a 47yr old firefighter and have always been active, mountain biking and weight training. The inactivity and lack of sleep is bringing me down so much and I have noticed considerable muscle wastage in the 12 days since my fracture. I wish there was some way I could continue training my upper body but I’m also extremely nervous of doing anything that will affect my healing. Another worry is the stress all of this has had on my wife. She works full time and yet she still comes home to run around after me. It’s taking its toll on her and I feel so guilty. I don’t really have much else to say, just wanted somewhere I could sound off.