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Welcome Karl,
I am envious of your visit to a pt. I had my accident on 9July. My lovely dog ran into my leg and the rest is tpf history. After a misdiagnosis, I had surgery on 25/7/14 and was NWB for 6 weeks and now I am partial weight bearing still in my leg brace. I see the consultant on Thursday when the brace should come off for good and then I can try and do something with my poor misshapen leg. I have had my first appt with a pt this morning and she only told me what I was already doing. She has told me to work on ROM which is only 90 degrees at the moment. I will do her exercises religiously but my next appt is not till 8/10 so I am seriously considering getting some private pt as the NHS is not going to do it for me! The first couple of weeks are the worst as you do feel pretty helpless and it is difficult relying on others when you are normally so independent. I am a teacher in a high school so my life is incredibly busy and hectic. I am also 58 so not as fit as I was. This injury is much more debilitating than any of us on this site expected and we have all done different things to keep our minds and hearts intact. You will get into routines and you will spend some time working out how to do those things you want to do without doing damage to your tpf. Focus on getting back to normal and the time wil pass. Stay in touch with people on this site as soon they will become your friends. I have been really encouraged by posts here and I dip in and out on my I pad several times a day.
You can still do upper body exercises on a chair. I’ve been doing aerobics to an old M People cd and my mini weights all on my kitchen chair. Your pt will have given you ankle and foot extensions I’ m sure. Keep those stretches going as moving your foot and ankle is important.
Try not to feel too down. You WILL get there.
Wishing you all the best for your recovery.
Lesley (Luton)