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Hey Karl

I totally get where you’re coming from with the depression. It’s like being pummelled in the stomach over and over again — for weeks on end. I went from hiking Mauna Kea and zipping around Oahu on a moped in March…to being in excruciating pain from shifting my leg in July. It sucks an awful lot.

Keep moving that body, though! If you want to retain upper body strength, you’re going to have to push yourself harder than you ever thought possible. You’re going to hear from plenty of people to treat it conservatively, to lay back and take it easy, but how many fires do you know put themselves out? Very few. Like a fire, this injury needs a strategic plan for getting past it and keeping fit will help the rest of you. As long as you’re not putting weight down on your knee, it’s pretty difficult to injure it.

Do pushups with one leg, use crutches to walk as far as you can, stretch out your hands as far as they can go past your toes, rotate your ankles and flex them like you were a ballet dancer. I’m almost 11 weeks out from my injury, and my only regret is not doing more of the above. Every little bit helps in getting your body ready to bear weight once you get to that point.