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Thanks to all for the replies to my post. This site is a godsend. It’s so reassuring to know that others have experienced exactly the same rollercoaster of fears and emotions this injury causes. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody (except perhaps the two guys who inflicted mine upon me!). Reading Lesley’s post has also made me realise how lucky I am to be receiving PT so early. I can’t understand why she has had to wait so long. I will be having my second session on 18/09/14. I guess I owe a lot to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast for moving things on so quickly. I take on board the other comments about training the upper body and I can assure everyone I will not push too hard although that is mostly because I’m still terrified of doing anything! Time will hopefully give me confidence in my leg again.

Best wishes to everyone on this site and I hope we all recover fully, no matter how long it takes.