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Hello everyone. My name is Paul. on July 27th 2014, I as on my way home from Nashville Tn when we ( party Of 3 ) was riding our motorcycles and stopped in Memphis to eat.. We were downtown Memphis and after we ate, we were headed back to the interstate, when we topped a hill in the downtown area Trolly track came onto my lane. A car was pulling onto the street and coming int my lane, in order for me to keep from hitting the car i had to move quickly. My front tire fell into the track and the bike laid down. while this was happening i used my leg to try to stop the accident. I know that this is not a good idea, but it was a normal reaction. after all was done and the accident was over i lay there in the street not moving, wondering if i was hurt. I was doing a mental check of myself, starting with my head and working my way down. I wasnt sure what was bad and what was not, because i was hurting all over. My buddys at this point was kneeling over me and was holding me down because i tried to get up. HAHA tough guy i was, telling them i could walk it off.
word of advise do not wreck in Memphis. We was downtown and the area is not a good area. the crack heads came out of the wood work. My buddys are cops and i am a fireman. They actually had to pull there guns on the crack heads as they come over with knifes tring to rob us as i lay there..
I was transported to the hospital and i was in the ER for 18 hrs, after 16 hours they finally took me for MRI, no pain meds yet. That was the most painfull thing i have ever had.
The ruling was TPF two places. Four days later i had surgery to repair the fracture.
The Doctors were great and the hospital was wonderfull after i got out of the ER.