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Hello Lesley,
Im a month and a half into healing, still not weight bearing at this time, The docs had to plate wrap the top if the Tibia and along the side with 8 screws. My problem with weight bearing is that im a healthy 240 pounds and was in great shape when the accident happened. My local surgeon and i are avid body builders, and we work out together so he knows my habits. He told me that i will be NWB for the full 3 months. Bites to be me haha. I have not beat myself up over this other than having to miss a Spartan Race in November. That is paid for 🙁 but over all in good spirits. I have learned to do everything my self, It is a sight to see haha. i had to over come the challenge of dressing myself, taking a shower was a trick the first time. but i got a shower chair and now not so bad. I go to see the Doc on Monday and hoping for some lifts in restrictions. we will see. I was able to remove the leg brace one week after surgery, but to sleep only. I do remove it when i am just sitting at home.
Sorry to hear about yours. I have a Mastiff so i can relate to yours running you. I lawn surf with mine.