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Hi Peter,
Good morning to you. I’m ashamed to say that the tv has been my way of passing the time as during my NWB I broke my Kindle, my phone and my PC decided it had had enough so I felt a bit stranded. I have read my hard copy books and finished a couple of hefty tomes but for the most part I have watched tv and used my I pad an awful lot for all sorts of bizarre things. I am a high school teacher and my whole working life has been governed by time and noise and bells for end of lessons. Then the endless hours of essay marking and prep. I also lost my husband last year and since June 13 I have not stopped getting into bad eating habits, not sleeping and generally wearing myself out trying to fit it all in. In over 35 years I have never really had time for myself just to chill out and watch the tv. I also have 3 sons so my life has always been frenetic and very busy. The tpf meant I HAD to stop. After the first couple of weeks, I worked out my daily patterns of sleeping, eating and doing small things like making my lunch on one leg and trying to carry it into the lounge and not fall over on the walker. It’s amazing the strategies you think up! I also do my upper body workouts I like to call chairobics. I do a bit more each day so that takes up time but makes me feel good. It also helps to keep off the weight. I am 58 so there is a real danger of that! I am lucky I suppose in that I am happy doing very little and in some very strange way the tpf has made me stop and re evaluate my life. If I had carried on, I would have had a heart attack or a stroke I think. I’m sure there will be lots of others here who will be able to give you other more interesting things to do but we are all individual. It has to be down to what keeps your interest and what keeps your mind healthy. Focus on getting fit again but tell yourself it will take time and patience. I am now in the next phase of recovery but I still have another 6 weeks ahead of me to learn to walk again. Set yourself small goals and keep dipping into this site for some positive motivation. It’s what has kept me going.
Very best wishes.