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NK Bhatia

Dear Peter,

I am 46 year male, and my left leg Tibia and fibula fractured (lower 3/4) on 5 August 2014, got operated next day with a nail, a plate and 9 screw. I had transverse fracture, so doctor instruct me to put a weight of 10-12 kg just after 2-3 days after operation. I have been a sportsman, a good walker and doing some scientific work on insects, because I a scientist. Why this fracture was good for me?
First, It told me that U are an important person and people love U. I was surprised that on the day of operation, so many people remained in the hospital til completion of my night operation. It gave me a pleasure and confident.
Second, doctor told me that chewing tobacco is not good for bone healing, so since 6 August 2014, i did not consumed. If this fracture let me leave tobacco permanently, it would be rather cheaper business, that after expending 90 thousand Indian Rupee on my fracture, I could leave cancer causing possibilities.
Third, i am a diabetic. Doctor told me that to recover 3-4 big incisions on the leg, i have to keep my blood glucose under 180. U know, through strict discipline on diet and exercise, my fasting sugar level has been 94-110 since last 5 week. Thanks to my fracture.
Fourth, my daughter studying in MA attended me in the hospital for 10 days, I realized what I matter for my family. It give a great feeling. Again thanks to my fracture.
Fifth, I was considering that how my my wife may attend the normal routine work, if I am not available to attend those. U know, what I seen: A marvelous sense of sincerity, high class work disposal, and several unforgettable love movements. Thanks to this fracture.
Sixth, how my brothers bothered about me, it was also experienced. It gave me great feeling that transformed my low feeling to great one.
Seventh, I now realize that we should live every movement in happiness, because who knows that in next one hour, U may be shifted to hospital for a TPF, so leave happily.
Eighth, time is the answer for most of the unbecoming things in human life. You will also be properly guided by time, so do not worry about the duration for complete recovery. U have given all the time of your life to the society. Now give at least 10-12 weeks for your self. What is bad then.
Ninth, ……in next post. Because now I have to take my recommended exercise..
So good night.