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Hey Peter
I am a very active person (errr, was before this happened). Down time while being house bound became very depressing. I have found by simply getting outside, my spirits brighten. Doing something as simple as sitting in the garden with an iPad and a cup of coffee (decaf, so as not to impede healing) or joining a friend to go to the cafe and chat/people watch, can have a great uplifting effect. I have even ventured out with the assist of a good friend and a rented “gator” to watch a motocross event. There are ways to get out and stay connected to “normal” life, you just have to plan ahead, and make sure you move slowly and safely. I recommend keeping yourself as connected as you can, just don’t overdo it!
Another thing that has helped is to stay as self sufficient at home as possible. I bought a small 2-tier server on wheels (like the desert carts at restaurants, but smaller) I have tied a small rope to it so that I can pull it while using crutches. I can now move just about everything I want around the house – from drinks/dinner to laundry.
Hope this helps.
Good luck!!!!