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Hi, Helen. I am so sorry this has happened to you.

The answers to your questions are this: it all depends.

TPFs are intense injuries. They take time to heal. The xrays will show how much healing takes place and when it is safe to bear weight. Eat well, don’t drink alcohol or large amounts of caffeine, and don’t smoke. I myself began physical therapy to work on ROM ten days post hospital discharge. I was NWB for 15 weeks. Yes, a portion of TPFs need 12-16 weeks before it is safe to bear weight.

And it is not safe to drive until you can bear weight.

I would ask your doctor able these very specific details. I was blessed with a great doctor, but most doctors will not offer details unless asked.

Also, get into a physical therapy as soon as you can. Even with NWB status, ROM exercises can be done.