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marion gibbins

The doc and PT are quite right ,first I practiced balancing between parallel bars ,with each foot on a different pair of scales ,when it was equally balanced which took a few days I went on to crutches .Am now down to one crutch when I am tired and rarely use it in the house or garden .This was about a month in total bearing in mind I have 5 labradors around me all the time I don’t think that is too bad .I do rest frequently still ,an hours house work and an hours rest is about it in the mornings .Physio in the afternoon for and 1 hours then rest before pool exercises .Morphine as and when ,but I try to limit this obviously to the minimum .Did a driving simulation yesterday but don’t feel quite confident yet .All in all 4 months BUT everyone is different ,I use the exercises bike no problems but small things like control of a small ball being pushed up the wall really hurt still .