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Jane W

Hi all

Just wanted to give an update and (hopefully) some positives for those who are in the early stages of recovery. My accident was at the end of April this year and surgeon said it was as bad as it could be – it was almost 2 weeks after injury before the swelling had subsided enough to operate……………… There were some truly dark and awful times and times when I couldn’t imagine ever being able to walk again………. BUT last week I was discharged by both my surgeon and my physio as I have recently started to walk unaided – it’s a bit of a limp still but I’m confident that with time and exercise, it will get back to near normal. I was initially told it would take 6-12 months minimum before I would be able to start walking but it has been under 5 months which I think’s pretty impressive. The bone is mottled on x-ray so need to continue with exercises and swimming etc to build both bone and muscles back.

I just wanted to feed this back on the forum to hopefully give you a bit of encouragement as I couldn’t imagine being where I am now a few months back. Wishing you all the very best in your various recoveries.