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Love this. I’ve seen three orthopedic surgeons so far:

#1: very competent, but WAY too conservative for my mindset and offers too general of a course of treatment.

#2: talked to me like an adult from the start, even if a little brief on the details. Specializes in knees and treats aggressively.

#3: has seen a rash of TPFs this year. What I love most is her bedside matter, which is thorough, gentle, soft and fully explanatory.

Which one am I leaning on going with?

The second. Although I liked the third’s approach the best, Eileen, you said it best when results matter. This OS is young, one of the top knee doctors in Toronto (partially because he’s young and an up-and-comer), and has the same mindset as me, which is to get me back to a high level of energy and activity.

The third doctor, when I asked her if there was anything we could do far earlier than normal because my auto insurance is paying for physio, said no, there’s nothing to do. She only told me to alter my lifestyle a bit and avoid open-chain exercises. I need an OS who’s willing to take risks with me, and your post perfectly outlines why.