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Hi Lisa, Jane,
I think we may be starting a post tpf club called the misshapen stiff knee club. I am almost 12 weeks out of surgery and am now full weight bearing and exercising to get strength and movement back. My knee is bent when walking. My ROM is not great nor is my leg extension and I have only had 2 physio sessions – pretty poor in the UK depending on where you live! I use my exercise bike each day and that is helping. I am also icing the knee a couple of times a day if necessary. I feel I may have some additional ligament damage as the inside of my knee feels very weak. I have booked some private physio with a sports physio I have used before and I am very hopeful he will be able to help. I am glad I read your posts today as I was feeling very worried about the knee situation. I do not see my consultant again till the 30th October so it’s difficult to know if my progress is normal whatever that is. My ankle also swells at night and I have had pain in my foot probably because I am trying to walk unaided but I am obviously a bit wonky as I do feel that my damaged leg is shorter than the other one. Do you ladies get pain from your hardware too? I can feel mine at the side of my leg. It feels as if it is restricting my ability to get a better ROM. However, I have made progress. I am more mobile and I am improving albeit very slowly. I can’t see me returning to work any time soon but my main focus must be to get back to good health.
With all good wishes for your respective recoveries.
Lesley (UK)