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Hello Eileen,

You’ve become the best “experience-expert” of this forum!
The Dutch translation refers to someone who acquired a lot of experience, often by trial and error, in dealing with social or medical problems. As opposed to the specialists.
I meanwhile became “een ervaringsdeskundige” in dealing with the medical, emotional, administrative and legal problems after an accident. I rather die than having to go through this agony for a 5th time. This is the 4th time I am the victim of a traffic accident, always in my right as stated by witnesses.

You are indeed right: in Belgium too there are knee surgeons and knee surgeons who also specialized in sports trauma with athletes.
The 4th doctor I consulted is a knee sports trauma orthopedic surgeon. My own doctor, and opinion 2 and 3 refused to defend my case during the medical expertise organized by the police court (in a few months). As a victim of a traffic accident with lasting disabilities, the expertise (with medical expert appointed by court, my doctor, the doctor of the insurance company of the counterparty) will determine my degree of handicap and the financial compensation I am entitled to.

The 4 doctors I consulted told me I’ll never be able to run or jump again. Whether I’ll be able to sit on my knees/heels, do mountain hikes, … is still unclear to all of them.
But I desperately want to sit on my knees and heels again!! I used to sit on my knees to clean, garden, do yoga and give shiatsu massages. Well, to live my life!

Since 3 doctors refused to defend my interests, I had to look for someone else. And luckily this 4th knee surgeon who accepted the job, is also a sports trauma orthopedic surgeon!
2 weeks ago I consulted this doctor. He found it abnormal that after more than 10 months I still can’t walk with a bent knee, despite intense physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. And that I have not had 1 pain free day for more than 10 months. I still need a crutch when walking 5-10 minutes. Did not made any progress since April.

He ordered a ct scan with contrast dye. This will show whether I have made scar tissue inside the indented cartilage or not and will make clear whether I will finally improve once the internal hardware is removed in December. He said it is 100% sure I’ll need a knee replacement sooner or later. Maybe even in December when the internal prosthesis is removed.
But I don’t want an artificial knee!! The thought alone to have a “foreign object” inside me and all the risks involved. Furthermore you cannot sit on your knees/heels with a prosthesis.

I am very scared of the ct exam: of the pain the dye injection will cause in my knee and the fact that I’ll have a radioactive product in my body.
I’ll give an update end of next week, after exam and appointment.