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Hello Eileen and Lesley,

Doctors always minimise risks of exams and operations! A ct-scan requires between 1000-2000 times the radiation of a conventional xr. I was told the dye is slightly radioactive.
Radiation causes cancer. I only read a couple of weeks ago that 15% of all pneumonia cancers are caused by medical radiation.
All that chemical stuff bombarded into and up your body can’t be healthy at all!
Western medicine is invasive and brutal compared to the holistic approach of complementary medicine. But with the kind of fractures we have, Western conventional medicine is of course the only possible treatment.

As I have been eating organic, natural food since more than 35 years, I react fastly and often strongly to chemical agents and sugar. Every time I eat quality organic chocolate, my sight dimishes within minutes (the sugar expands the eye blood vessels). If you are sensitive to what is bad for you, it is a benefit. But at the same time it can be a disadvantage. Which could be the case with this exam. So I hope the pain will be bearable and that all goes well.

I intend to spend most of Monday afternoon outside, seems better than staying inside with a polluted body. I will also drink miso soup, which helps eliminating radioactivity from your body.

End of next week, after my appointment with my 4th surgeon, I’ll give you an update.
Thanks again for your encouraging words! I am so grateful and Lucky I found this site.