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I’m new to this site but am inspired to join in by your story. I too was injured by one of my dogs – a chocolate labrador at full speed in my case. To give him his due, I think it was partly or wholly my fault as I distrusted his sense of distance and probably stepped into his path. Anyway, I had no idea that this fall was any different from other dog related falls. My leg felt numb and I rubbed it for a while then borrowed my husband’s walking stick and limped back to the car, about an hour away. Then I applied my fail-safe witch hazel compress and got on with the day – walking our dogs in the local park before going over to babysit for my grandchildren. Oh yes, and I drove there and back (right knee damaged and driving an automatic!).
But. The next morning I thought I was going to faint when I stood up. It wasn’t just the pain, I think it was also shock. So I went off to A & E ( I live in Surrey, England) expecting to come out with a bandage and some painkillers. Being admitted for surgery came as a complete shock to me.
That was on 18th September, and the surgery took place (eventually, but that’s an NHS longer story!) on 22nd September.
I had a full cast until last Friday when that was removed, to my surprise and delight, and replaced with a leg brace, which I can remove whenever I want. And I had about 60degrees movement which pleased the consultant. He gave me a target of 90degrees by this week, which I think I’ve nearly reached.
After the initial excitement of losing the cast, I realised that there is still a long way to go.
I’m finding the emotional journey perhaps more challenging than the physical at the moment. I’m used to walking my dogs for 2 hours every day in the woods, and seeing the seasons change and enjoying my dogs’ enjoyment. Now I feel they’re not having the kind of life they deserve. We have borrowed a wheelchair from the Red Cross and my heroic husband loads us all into the car when he can and we ‘walk’ the dogs at a local WWII aerodrome (hard surface for the chair and grass for the dogs).
I’m a retired teacher, but do some tuition work, so I’m still able to do that at home. Overall though, I am just impatient to regain my old life. I keep calculating when that my be, and recalculating….