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Hi Sue and welcome to the my dog caused the tpf club! It sounds as if you are making good progress already. I am 12 weeks post surgery and am struggling to get good ROM and a full leg extension so although I can now walk around the house unaided, I have a limp and a bend in my knee. I too had a leg brace which was set at 45 degrees to start and then to 90 after 6 weeks NWB. I am not sure that has helped me to get a good extension and in my area – Luton – the follow up physio has been pretty poor to say the least. I have now booked private sessions with a good sports physio to help me with the next stage. Push for decent physio would be my advice. I pushed but even my surgeon agreed it was not a good situation. He suggested twice a week at about 8 weeks post surgery but the NHS physio almost laughed and said that just was not possible. Ask about keeping your ankle supple and stretching exercises for your upper leg and calf. When my leg brace came off – I also had to sleep in mine- I had a lot of muscle wastage and I am working hard now to regain strength especially around my knee. I have an exercise. I’ve that I use each day. I can now manage 20 to 25 minutes in one go! I am a teacher but this has really given me time to think so I am going to take early retirement as I will be 58 next month. I want the time to get fit and well and after 36 years in the profession, I want some ME time. As I am at the moment, I can’t imagine having the strength to negotiate the school site let alone all the marking and prep involved in teaching English at GCSE and A Level. I have not returned this term and won’t be ready for the second half of the term. I have an apt with the Head on Wednesday and I will be giving in my resignation. Then I will press the button to submit my Teachers Pension form!
I used to walk my dog a lot as well- the perpetrator of the crime- but my son has taken to power walking him so he is getting quicker exercise. I am looking forward to taking him out again when I get my leg back! That’s one of my targets along with driving and getting out of the house more.
Stay strong and healthy healing. Let me know how the physio situation is in your area. I think that is key to recovery and I think that is one of the reasons mine is a bit slow.
Best wishes to you.
Lesley (Luton)