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Hey fellow TPF sufferers! I have happy news about running and my knee! I was on a horseback riding accident which caused my TPF (I’m sorry I don’t know what grade) I hade a plate and 6 screws placed. 3 months non-weight bearing. It was a very depressing Summer for me. I had just graduated Dental Hygiene and at 25 years old I felt like my running night never be the same. As soon as I got the clearance I was at the gym atrength training (this is your friend and key to gaining back muscle lost and preventing pain) I started running so slow. It was discouraging at first. I was use to running 7 or 8 mph and now I was doing a 4mph walk. This progressed into 5 mph. I took it slow. I Rememeber how hard that was. I am happy to report that I have done 9mph sprints. I’ve completed 2 half marathons. I’m training for a Ragnar right now, and hoping to complete a full marathon in January!!! This took time, patience, and determination. I still get pain in the plate and screws when I run, but I gauge it. I know my knee now and try not to push it too much, too soon! But for give up hope! Just keep working hard and listen to your body!!!