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hello, my name is max I’m 27 and had a high grade 4 on TPF on 2/8/14 during my first (and last) time skiing, and had surgery on 2/13/14.

– internal fixation w/ a plate from the top of the tibia to a little less than half way down my leg four pins and six screws all together.

-NWB for 7 weeks with no PT sessions ( I had just lost my job a week or so before so no insurance for anything but the surgery)

– on the advice of my OS I did all the exercises he had told me while I was immobile like the spelling the abc’s with my ankle/foot & doing leg extensions through the pain focussing on regaining range of motion which turned out to be vital later on.

– 3 months in my OS instructed me that low to no impact exercises were my only option to regain muscle mass and to help mitigate the pain.( as long as I only did low impact my OS told me that any pain I encountered it was safe to “work through it”)

– I took up road cycling on my Canondale CAAD8 and piled up over 2000 miles over the months since May!

– began running on a treadmill in August and like Kelly said slowly at first and worked my way back up. Even after all of the cycling running was a different kind of monster for me.

Also, Brian your description of the hardware burning from the inside out sometimes, nice to know that it doesn’t only happen to me.

As long as the bone/joint is fully healed and flush I was instructed by my OS to “have at it”, pain should be expected but don’t overdue so much you can’t continue to keep exercising.

Good luck to all!