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Hi Lesley, I too suffered a TPF type IV in March this year due to motorcylce accident. I had surgery the day after to put in grafts, plates and pins and spent 9 days in hospital. I have only just returned to work in the last two weeks on reduced hours and office based. I can say the more physio you do the better the outcome. I too live in the UK and have received great treatment on the NHS. I still walk with a limp and suffer from swelling but to think six months ago I thought I would never walk again. I can only be grateful I had a great surgeon on the day who has done a good job.
A positive attitude also helps even though like many I had some very bad days but I was determined to get back walking as it’s the thing I enjoy as a hobby. I have walked three miles in the yorkshire dales lately and felt amazing after.
Good luck for your recovery and stay positive it just takes time for this injury to recover.