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Hi Lesley

Sorry to hear you’re struggling and don’t feel you’ve had the best physio. I’m also UK (in NW) I didn’t have much physio to be honest as there weren’t many exercises they could give. What I was given was squats (use a table or landing rail), lunges (using same) then lying down and doing clam exercise using tera band – lie on your side with hips aligned vertically. Keep your heels together and open your knees ensuring you keep your hips aligned. Another is to lie on your back with hands at sides, feet flat on floor and knees bent then lift your bum off the floor – hold for 5 then slowly down. Repeat these in sets of 10 about 3 times a day to help with core stability.
I also go to the pool and do walking on toes, walking on heels, side to side, squats, lunges and of course swimming as the resistance works well.

I was discharged after about 5 physio sessions and told to continue with the exercises to build the bone and muscle back up.

I do seem to walk with my left (damaged) leg turning in a bit so consciously try to walk at 10 to 2 (with feet turned out).

Wishing you well